Randy is on his way!!

Bloggen hade utlovat att undersöka ryktet med Randy och dennes eventuella tripp till Sverige och Umeå. Att han kommer står nu tämligen klart, vad gäller ett eventuellt erbjudande som sportchef ska man nog ta det han säger med en näve salt. Att han verkar veta vad som behöver göras och han skulle klara av det ger han i alla fall tydligt uttryck för. I serien green connection presenterar vi med inte så lite sträckt rygg en intervju med Randy Edmonds.

 Hi Randy, whats up? What are you doing for a living?

I own a hockey school in Canada (last summer over 300 students from all over the world) and I am director of player development for a junior team in Canada. I help develop young players and find new players for our organization and have worked with some NHL players during summer months training them like Dany Heatley (San Jose), Duncan Keith (Chicago), Shea Weber (Nashville) for example.

One final thing concerning what am I doing now ? I also take young swedish players and bring them to Canada in the summer for tournaments and training .This coming summer I am bringing a 95 born team to Toronto for a big international tournament and some fun. Anyone interested from Umea can contact me thru my hockey school. Fun trip and a great cultural exchange.

You are a very respected person in Umeå, why is that in you opinion?

I am respected in Umea because of the success the team had while I was there .You know the expecations were very low when I came but we had success and I love Umea. I wish it would of finished better – too bad we had a good team and were in 3rd place in SA when I left

What you do you think about Umeå as town and the hockey team Björklöven particullary?

Umea is a great sportstown and a great place to live with lots to do for the family .

Do you follow the development of Björklöven?

Yes, I follow Bjorkloven – always.

There is a rumour you’re visiting Umeå for a few days during your trip to Sweden, is this true? If you are going to visit Umeå, is it business or pleasure?

I am in Umea next wednesday for some business and meet some friends as well.

As you know, Björklöven is searching for a sportsdirector and you are a obvious choice if we, your fans, could descide. Theese kind of ideas is going around and the question is: is it any chance to ever see you in the Björklöven management again?

I have no idea if the club wants me as a sportsdirector – I do have a lot of international contacts and elite teams today have many international players which you need to succeed.

The big reason I can succeed as a sportsdirector is 1. international contacts 2. always do well with young Swedish players in developement like Forsell, Anderson, Sehlstedt, Lind they were all junior players but played in A laget while I was there.

Do you have a greeting to all fans of Björklöven?

I loved the fans in Umea – I will never forget those great games against SAIK and when the new arena opened lots of excitement in the town for ice hockey and of course great fans.

We will wish you a very nice time here in Umeå, welcome back!

– Thanks…

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