Mr Edmonds: I follow Loven every week..

Bloggen har sökt och jagat våra internationella profiler till jubileet i kväll, en av de största i vårt tycke är coachen Randy Edmonds. Läs vad han säger om att vi numera lirar i den tredje ligan och hans hälsning är "We love them all green and gold!"

Hi, Mr Edmonds! – Hello!

You coached our Björklöven for a while and we will never forget that. Now the club are degregated to the third leauge because of economic issues. Do you have any particular thoughts about this development? Do you have any special memories from Umeå?
It is a sad day in Umea when such a proud hockey city has a team in the 3:rd league too bad for the fans and children who are supporters.

At the blogg we have a backcoming theme called Green Connection, where we follow ex.players and other profiles connected to the team. What are you doing for the moment and are you involved in ice hockey in any way? –
I have a private Hockey gymansium here in Canada and help young players play NCAA hockey (stipendium).

 Are you following Björklöven in any way today?
I follow the team every week and read the newspapers.

This year the team are celebrating 40 years and on friday we have a special battle an another team from Umeå, Teg SK. Some sponsors are offering supporters free admission and we hope "lapp på luckan" (to fill up the arena ) What do you think about this event?
– 40 years, outstanding it should be Loven and SAIK in that game.

We agree, but is there a possibility to wish for a gift or something to remember you by to give to Björklöven on this special day?
– We went to SA my first year when everyone though we would not make the playoffs then we made it to kvalserien. We had Parks that was all we needed the heart of a champion.

Do you have a special greeting to all green and yellow fans supporting Björklöven and remember you by a big profile? –
We loved them all the green and gold!

Thank´s a lot Randy! We miss you.. – Thank you for two great years in Loven.

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