Intervju med Halkidis

Bloggen kollade läget med Lövens sista förvärv, backen George Halkidis och får reda på att bland annat hur han ser på sig själv, hans relation med Peter Tsimikalis och vad han hört om Löven.

What kind of player are you and what is going to be your contribution on the ice?
– I am a good skating defense who makes a good first pass and plays solid positionally and defensively that can contribute offensively when needed. I am coming to bring some experience for the team in our defensive zone and help keep things simple.

I understand that you are a friend of Peter Tsimikalis. Can you tell us more about that?
– Peter and I have been best friends for years. He was part of my wedding party. We live very close to each other at home. We train together in the summers and we have really excellent chemistry on the ice together.

What have he said about Björklöven?
-Pete has said the arena is great and that the guys on the team are great guys. He said its a nice city and that we will enjoy our time here.

What do you know about Swedeish Hockey?
-I know a little bit about Swedish hockey. I have had many teammates in the past from Sweden who have told me a lot about Sweden. Its all the good things that they have told me that made the decision easy to come to Bjorkloven. I know the hockey is skilled and has a lot of speed and I look forward to it.

Do you want to say anything to your future fans (Green Devils)?
– To the fans I can say to them that I am excited to be a part of a long tradition of hockey in Umea, and that I would love to help the team get to the Allsvenskan for next season.

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