George Halkidis?

Näste kille vi kollade läget med är George Halkidis, egentligen den ende av importerna som visade klass. Vad tycker han om säsongen som gick och har han hört från Löven?
We are a little bit curious if you have heard anything from Björklöven yet for the upcoming season?
– No I have not heard from Bjorkloven yet.

have you heard anything from another club yet?
– I havent been speaking with other clubs yet.

What do you do with your timer now that the hockeyseason is over?
– Now that the season is over I am studying some classes in school.

What do you have to say about the last season?
– Last season we had a great team and finished one round away from the Kval. I think we had a great group of players but we lacked some scoring in the end.

Are you happy with your performance and do you want to return to Umeå and Björklöven?
– I felt that after getting used to the players and the style of hockey in Sweden that it was a great place for me to play my style of hockey. I played well but I think I can play much better if I am there for a full season.

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