#5 Joni Lindlöf

Bloggen har hela tiden försökt profilerat lirarna så mycket så mycket som möjligt, det kan vara nya killar, de kan vara gamla genom Green Connection eller på helt andra sätt. Nu gör killarna på hemsidan grymma webintervjuer med killarna så våra intervjuer har känts både överflödiga och mest som halvfladdriga flippass utan adressat. varken effektivt eller särskilt distinkt. Men eftersom vi gillar att skriva om lirarna och fick en möjlighet slog vi trots allt till.. Google spelade mig ett spratt annars hade vi haft en intervju på finska, Joni ratade frågorna så nu blir det på engelska i stället.. håll till godo!

Hi Joni, do you like it here in Umeå despite winter and lots of snow? – Hello, I´m used to the cold winters. I don´t mind it.

What do you think about Umeå as a town and Björklöven as a team? Do they both live up to your expectations? So far i like the city a lot and everything has been working out just fine. Girlfriend also got a job right away when we came here, and that was a big plus so we’re very happy here right now. Before coming here everything happened so fast, so i didn´t really have any expectations about the city. All i knew about the team was that they wanted to build a winning team, that has a chance to move up to Allsvenskan.

How did you end up in Björklöven and what did you know about the team before you came here? – I ended up coming here after the mess in France. I already had a deal with Briancon, but they had some major financial difficulties, so they released about 10 players. I knew that Waldehagen was already here, so i asked for the coaches phonenumber and we worked it out, and now i´m here.

Sounds simple, what do you think about the teameffort and your own effort so far? Well, we have been pretty much dominating the games so far, as long as we keep playing the we can. So i have to be happy with that, of course there has been some bad games every once in while. I´m also pretty happy with my own effort so far. We had a little bit of a slow start with our line, but as the season went on we started to find each other a lot better, and you can also see that from the scoreboard.

Thats true, what do you think about Jens Hellgren as a coach, do you feel about hockey in the same way? – Well every coach is different and in the beginning it was a big change from last year, because we had a canadian coach. But Jens has good systems and the team has learned what he wants us to do on the ice, so that part is also working very well here.

What about the guys in the team, who´s the noiciest in the dressingroom? – Well Walde propably is in the top. But i gotta say that, um, he’s "jokes" arent very good.

What about the most recent games, Piteå vs Teg? Do you think any of them belong in Allettan? I think Teg has a a good team, and they have took some points from good teams. About Piteå, i thought they would be a lot better this year and i dont how to judge who belongs to Allettan. I guess if you´re in top 4 then you belong there.

Your team has been kind of superior this autumn, do you long for better teams and more powerful resistance? – Yes, i cant wait the "good games" to begin. This first part of the season is kinda boring, especially for a team like us. Everybody "knows" that we’re going to Allettan, so its more like getting ready for that, and working on our game so we’re ready when we get there.

What do you think about the fans of Löven so far? Do you have a greeting or request? – Great fans here! I love the noise and cheers during the game, it gives an extra boost to play. So my request would be that keep up the good work, and help us on our way towards our goal.

Is there a special reason or story about your number, isn´t five for a defence player? – Yes theres a story behind it. About 4-5 years ago i thought that instead playing with same number, it would be sweet to change number every year! And i also limit the options to 3-7, 35-79, excluding superstar numbers like 66 or 77. I also like the numbers that are not so typical.. like 57 last year. But five is also my girlfriends lucky number so that was a big factor when i was picking my number.

Oh.. i see, that´s the real reason. What do you think about the game today? – It´s another chance for us to work on our game and also i think it´s very important for our teams confidence to keep the undefeated streak going.

Bye the way, you have a wonderful beard. We got a comment on the blog about you needed a shave, but you will keep it for the entire season, won´t you? – Ha ha, I really dont know what´s going with my beard. First i was just to lazy to shave, then it started to look "cool" and i think its starting to get weird. Little kids stare at me when i go to Ica to buy food..ha ha. Naah just kidding. My girlfriend is pushing me to shave soon, but we´ll see what´s gonna happend. Maybe you can ask the guy whos announcing starting line ups, if he can call me Joni"captain red beard" Lindlöf!

I don´t see any problem with that. Now 4 quick ones:

Outdoor bathing or sauna? – Sauna

Torgny Melins or Lordi? – I don´t know the first one, and dont like the second one.

Norrlands Guld or Lapin Kulta? – My mouth likes both.

Löven4Ever at vk.se or Lövenbloggen at folkbladet.nu? – I’ve been reading VK, so i have to say that. Didn´t even know about the other one before this.

Almost no one else either.. 🙂 thanks a lot Joni! – Thank you very much! See you at the games!

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